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Mohammad AlMail

Human Rights Activist
Founder of the Upper Hand Organization

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The Story

In his early life in Kuwait, Mohammad AlMail excelled through school and qualified for a scholarship to major in Political Science at university in the UK. Simultaneously and rather unconventionally however, AlMail was dedicating his time of giving lectures, and writing articles in a Kuwaiti local newspaper (AlDaar Newspaper), and some online blogs. He was astonished to see his activism at such a young age having the profound impact it had, with his articles and videos being circulated so widely that even MPs had begun debating how to silence AlMail, who had then founded the Upper Hand Organization (now banned in Kuwait). His organization was being treated as a national public order offence, opening the door to becoming the recipient of continuous death threats. Mohammad AlMail’s scholarship at the expense of the Ministry of Higher Education was cut short in 2015, and he sought political asylum in the UK at the young age of 18. Having managed to escape arrest, the Kuwaiti Criminal Court sentenced the young activist to ten years’ imprisonment in absentia awaiting him should he return home. He now lives in the UK and is completing his undergraduate studies, continuing his human rights activism with the Upper Hand Organization.

Pressure Your Government
Pressure Your Government
Your government should be doing all it can to make Saudi Arabia do the right thing. Tweet your government’s official accounts (for example, your Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or your country’s embassy in Saudi Arabia) and ask them to push Saudi Arabia to stop the flogging and release Raif now.
Embassies in Saudi Arabia:
UK: @UKinSaudiArabia
Netherlands: @NLinSaudiArabia
Sweden: @SwedeninKSA
Canada: @CanEmbSA
USA: @USEmbassyRiyadh
Germany: @GermanyinKSA
EU: @EUintheGCC
Contact the Saudi Embassy
Contact the Saudi Embassy in your country
Search online for the phone or fax details of the Saudi Arabia embassy in your country, and call them up to demand that Raif is not flogged again and that they release him immediately. We know this can be a particularly effective (and annoying) form of campaigning. You could also Tweet them, though the only Saudi Arabian embassies known to have Twitter accounts are the USA @SaudiEmbassyUSA and UK @SaudiEmbassyUK.
Embassy Contact Details:
If you’re not on Twitter, you can find the contact details of the Saudi Arabia embassy in your country here.
Demonstrate For Raif
Demonstrate For Raif
Across the globe, campaigners have started to organise protests outside Saudi Arabia embassies. Contact your local Amnesty International office to see if something is already planned, or get some friends together to organise your own demonstration.
Raif Badawi Demonstration
Click here for the Latest Events planned
Raif Badawi and Children
Send Your Support
Please send your messages of solidarity to Raif’s family, so they know the world is standing with them and pressing Saudi Arabia to release him. Tweet to @raif_badawi (Raif’s official Twitter account) and @miss9afi (Raif’s wife, Ensaf Haidar, who lives in Canada with their three children).

Sentenced in absentia to
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
years in jail

On the following alleged charges:

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